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Average rating for Exhaust manifold gasket replacement


4.7 • based on 13 reviews of 13 businesses

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Average rating for Exhaust manifold gasket replacement


4.7 • based on 13 reviews of 13 businesses

Exhaust manifold gasket replacement

How much does an exhaust manifold gasket replacement cost?

After the air/fuel mixture has burned in the combustion chamber, the exhaust is carried away from the engine through the exhaust system.

Between the exhaust manifold and the engine, a durable gasket prevents the exhaust from leaking into the engine bay. During normal running conditions, this gasket can last indefinitely.

Yet, manufacturing flaws or running problems can cause the exhaust manifold gasket to burn out prematurely.

It’s extremely uncommon for an exhaust manifold gasket to need replacement before 100,000km except in unusual conditions.

If you need exhaust manifold gasket replacement, you can expect the repair to cost approximately $250 to $500, although some high-performance or specialty models may be more.

The cost of repair is nearly all labour as the gasket itself is usually inexpensive.

What is an exhaust manifold gasket?

Gaskets are used to seal gaps between two separate surfaces. The exhaust manifold gasket seals the surface where the exhaust manifold meets the engine’s exhaust ports.

The exhaust manifold connects to your exhaust pipe, carrying exhaust gases downstream to the catalytic converter and the muffler before the gas exits the tailpipe.

The gasket itself can be made of a few layers of embossed steel, reinforced fibers, graphite, or a combination of materials.

The gasket material must be extremely durable to heat as exhaust gases are typically around 400 degrees Celsius at the manifold.

High heat exposure and exhaust back pressure can burn through the gasket material, leaking hot exhaust gases and noise into the engine compartment.

If that occurs, the exhaust manifold gasket must be replaced.

Symptoms your exhaust manifold gasket needs replacing

  • Increased exhaust noise under the bonnet
  • Rich exhaust smell noticed inside and outside the car
  • Hissing or tapping noise at the engine when running cold
Exhaust manifold gasket replacement

How is exhaust manifold gasket replacement performed?

  • The engine bay is disassembled to provide access to the exhaust manifold. This can include the air intake, intake manifold, air conditioning compressor, alternator, wiring, or other systems
  • The exhaust pipe is disconnected from the exhaust manifold
  • The manifold is unbolted from the engine and the old gasket inspected, then removed
  • The engine and manifold surfaces are cleaned thoroughly, then the new gasket fitted
  • All other components are refitted
  • The car is road tested by the technician to ensure the repair is complete

Tips to remember

  • A burnt exhaust manifold gasket can indicate severe running problems elsewhere, so it’s important to note the location of the leak during disassembly.
  • The new gasket must be properly oriented to prevent premature failure.

How important is it to replace your exhaust manifold gasket?

Operating your car with a leaking exhaust manifold gasket can leak noxious fumes into your car’s cabin, making you sick

It also contributes to environmental pollution and noise pollution.

Driving your car with a leaking exhaust manifold gasket isn’t inherently dangerous in most cases, however, it can cause more damage to the engine block and exhaust manifold if left unrepaired.

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