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Average rating for Cabin filter replacement


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Average rating for Cabin filter replacement


4.7 • based on 80 reviews of 72 businesses

Cabin filter replacement

How much does a cabin filter replacement cost?

You don’t stop breathing when you start driving. There’s fresh air that pushes through your car’s vents, and it’s filtered before it comes into the cabin.

This cabin air filter, like the engine air filter, gets dirty over time and needs to be replaced once it becomes plugged or saturated with dirt.

In normal conditions, your cabin air filter’s maintenance interval is usually around 20,000km.

Replacement may be required more frequently, depending on the air quality and driving conditions your car experiences.

The cost to replace your cabin air filter is approximately $50 to $120, but some special makes and models might be more expensive.

Cars that drive in dusty conditions such as dirt or gravel roads usually experience symptoms much sooner than city cars.

What is a cabin air filter?

Fresh air from outside passes through your car’s dash and comes into the cabin through the vents.

Inside your dash, a filter element is in place, which all that outside air passes through.

On some vehicles, a one-piece filter is employed while others use a two-piece filter that fits snugly together.

The filter itself is made of paper or fabric material and is pleated to capture the most airborne particles.

Pollen, dirt, insects, and allergens become trapped in the filter, keeping the air inside your car clean.

Over time, the filter becomes laden with trapped particles and air struggles to push through the cabin air filter. When the cabin air filter restricts airflow, it will need to be replaced.

Symptoms your cabin air filter should be replaced

  • Odd, unpleasant odour coming from dash vents
  • Restricted airflow from dash vents
  • Difficulty keeping windows from fogging
Cabin filter replacement cost

How is the cabin air filter replaced?

  • The technician creates access to the cabin air filter. On some cars, the cabin air filter is changed from an access door in the engine bay. On most vehicles, however, it’s located under the passenger side dash or behind the glove box
  • The old, dirty filter is removed
  • Any remaining debris is cleaned from the filter’s location
  • A new cabin air filter is fitted in its place and the access door is secured
  • The technician checks airflow from the dash to ensure proper flow

Tips to remember

  • Moisture caught in a dirty cabin air filter will cause an unpleasant smell from the vents. It can require cabin air filter replacement well ahead of its maintenance interval.
  • Some cabin air filters are HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters and their cost can be well above that of a standard filter.

How important is replacing your cabin air filter?

Having your cabin air filter replaced when it is due for maintenance or when it is dirty will give you peace of mind that you’re breathing clean air in your car.

If you choose not to replace your dirty cabin air filter, it can be difficult to keep your windows from fogging up in humid conditions, and the smell can become unbearable at times.

It isn’t likely to cause a dangerous situation, but it can be quite unpleasant.

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