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Transmission wont go into park

How to get your transmission repaired

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What causes a transmission to not be able to shift into park

There could be many reasons why your transmission wont go into park.

The most common reasons are:

Shift lock solenoid - The shift lock solenoid is the mechanism that stops the vehicle from being able to be shifted out of park when the vehicle is off, it also won't let you put your vehicle into drive without turning on your ignition and putting your foot on the brake.

Ignition barrel - the ignition barrel generally makes it hard to get the transmission out of park but a ignition barrel/tumbler can make it difficult to get into park as well

Faulty shifter mechanism - If the shifter mechanism has a lot of play it can make it difficult to shift

Faulty shifter cable - Generally automatic transmissions have a single cable which is connected to transmission if it has been damaged or has broken it can prevent the gears from engaging properly

Failing transmission - an internal issue inside the transmission could also cause the transmission not to shift properly


How to tell if you need your transmission repaired

  • It intermittently has trouble going into any gear
  • Your shifter has excessive movement


Transmission wont go into park

Is it important to get the transmission repaired

If you don't get your transmission repaired when you can feel it starting to have problems you could get caught out, generally if you can't put your vehicle into park you can't take the key out of the ignition which means you can’t lock it and you'll be up for a tow to your local workshop


How is the transmission repaired

The transmission will be diagnosed at your local workshop and depending on what the issue is will depend on what repair will be carried out, they can vary from a simple repair replacing shifter bushes to a complete transmission overhaul/replacement.

Tips to remember

  • Get your transmission serviced regularly as per manufacturer's recommendations
  • Get in for a check over ASAP if you think something may be wrong -  sometimes an early diagnosis can save you money.