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Average rating for Power mirror switch replacement


5.0 • based on 1 review of 1 business

Power mirror switch replacement

Power mirror switch not working?

Most vehicles today are fitted with power-operated side mirrors. These external mirrors provide a view of the traffic that is following or overtaking and are especially useful when making maneuvers such as changing lanes. Many modern vehicles have had blind spot monitoring technology added to their arsenal of safety features and these systems may use the side mirrors as a platform to warn of potential risks when the vehicle is indicating to change lanes.

External side mirrors play a big part in occupant safety. Regulations specify that a driver’s side mirror needs to be adjustable from the driver’s seating position. Since it is illegal to put your arm outside the window of a moving vehicle, power mirror switches are used to alter the mirror’s position.

If the power mirror switch is damaged or broken and the mirrors are unable to be adjusted, the switch may need to be replaced. An AutoGuru auto electrician can check the mirrors, wires, fuses, modules and switch operation, and replace the power mirror switch if needed.

What is a mirror switch?

The power mirror switch is the component that moves the mirrors. It is usually of plastic construction and sits within the door panel or on the dash next to the door. The switch will usually have a left and right mirror selection and a joystick or four-way button configuration to navigate the mirror direction.

The mirror switch can be independent or it can be part of a multi-switch system that can include the window switch operation and door lock function. Depending on the configuration, the mirror switch will be replaced separately or as part of the whole multi-switch console.

The power mirror switch is an electrical component that plugs into the vehicle wiring. When the switch is actuated, power is provided to the specific motor for the function and movement required. Newer vehicles utilise a power mirror control switch which connects to a control module instead of a direct link to the mirror motors. This type of mirror switch becomes a command unit and the signal is sent to a computer which operates the mirrors.

Symptoms a mirror switch needs replacing

  • Switch is physically damaged
  • Irregular mirror operation
  • Mirrors don’t move when trying to adjust them
Power mirror switch replacement

How is a mirror switch replaced?

  • Access the power mirror switch
  • Remove switch from the fixtures or panels
  • Unplug electrical connectors
  • Check new switch is the same as the old switch
  • Plug in electrical connectors
  • Refit switch to fixtures or panels
  • Test operation

Tips to remember

Always check fuses, modules, wiring and connectors before replacing the switch. It may prove to be one of these items causing the mirrors to malfunction. Also check the mirror itself, which could also be damaged.

How important is replacing a mirror switch?

It is a legal requirement to be able to adjust the driver’s mirror from the driver’s seat. Power mirrors are designed to make driving safer. The ability to view what is happening behind your car is important in successfully navigating traffic, incident free.