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Average rating for Suspension spring replacement


4.5 • based on 22 reviews of 21 businesses

Suspension spring replacement

How much does a suspension spring replacement cost?

The suspension system in your car is the main system that provides control and a comfortable ride as you drive, and the springs are a key component of the suspension.

Every time your car goes over a bump or dip in the road and even as you drive normally, the suspension springs compress and rebound constantly.

Eventually, a spring might no longer be able to support the same grueling abuse and it breaks or won’t rebound like it should and needs to be replaced.

However, many cars will use the same set of suspension springs throughout its life.

The average price for suspension spring replacement begins at around $250 each but can skyrocket to over $1,000 each for parts and labour, depending on the make and model.

Cars that travel on rough roads more frequently can expect spring replacement more often. 

What is a suspension spring?

A suspension spring is found at each of the four corners of every car.

Most modern cars use coil springs at the front and rear along with struts or shocks, while trucks and SUVs may use coils in the front suspension and leaf springs in the rear suspension.

A spring is used to allow for suspension travel whenever you drive while the shock or strut works alongside it to dampen the bounce it produces.

Suspension springs, both coil and leaf springs, are made out of high-carbon steel.

Coil springs are essentially heated steel bars that are curved into a cylindrical shape and cooled for a strong spring.

Leaf springs are much the same, except in flat bars and stacked together for increased rigidity.

Exceeding the load capacity of the spring can cause it to sag or break, and require replacement.

Symptoms you require suspension spring replacement

  • One corner of your car sits lower than the others
  • Your car bounces oddly when driving over bumps
  • Excessive sway when turning a corner
  • Knocking noise when suspension extended or compressed
Suspension spring replacement cost

How are suspension springs replaced?

  • The car is raised in the air and the wheels are removed
  • The suspension springs are inspected along with the rest of the suspension
  • The broken spring is identified and removed
  • Often, the shock or strut must be removed also to facilitate spring replacement
  • The new suspension spring is fitted and the remaining components reassembled
  • The wheels are refitted
  • A wheel alignment is performed
  • The technician road tests the car to ensure the repair is complete

Tips to remember

  • A wheel alignment must be performed after suspension repairs such as a spring replacement
  • Worn suspension bushes or weak shocks and struts can mimic the symptoms of a bad spring, so proper diagnosis is critical

How important is replacing your suspension springs?

Having suspension springs replaced when they are broken or weak provides a peace of mind that you’ll be in control of your car through all conditions.

Driving your car with bad springs is dangerous as you can’t predict how your car will handle when you drive over uneven surfaces, and that puts you, your family, and others in peril.

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