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Average rating for Driveshaft centre bearing replacement


4.7 • based on 13 reviews of 13 businesses

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Average rating for Driveshaft centre bearing replacement


4.7 • based on 13 reviews of 13 businesses

Driveshaft centre bearing replacement

How much does a driveshaft centre bearing replacement cost?

Cars equipped with a rear differential receive power from the transmission to drive the rear wheels, and that power is transmitted through a driveshaft.

On longer driveshafts, a centre mount is used to support the driveshaft, and a centre bearing allows it to rotate freely.

Through normal operation, the driveshaft centre bearing can wear out or begin to seize, preventing the driveshaft from rotating smoothly.

The driveshaft centre bearing can often last your car’s lifetime with proper lubrication, and typically won’t fail before 150,000km, although extreme driving conditions can accelerate this.

The average replacement cost for your driveshaft centre bearing starts at just $200 but can range up to $1055 or more, depending on the make and model you drive.

What is a driveshaft centre bearing?

On some rear-wheel-drive trucks and SUVs, the driveshaft is unusually long.

That can pose issues that include excessive stress, power loss, and damage due to impacts.

The solution is a two-part driveshaft using a centre support bearing. The driveshaft centre bearing allows for reliable shaft rotation as a pivot point, fastened securely to the car’s frame.

The driveshaft centre bearing is comprised of an external metal structure that fastens to the underside of the frame.

A highly durable ball bearing assembly is mounted inside a rubber or polyethylene bushing, contained within the metal structure.

This rubber bushing helps eliminate vibration and excessive wear.

If the centre bearing develops wear or seized due to lack of lubrication, or if the bushing wears out or tears, driveshaft centre bearing replacement will be necessary.

Symptoms you require driveshaft centre bearing replacement

  • Squeaking or chirping noise under your car when driving
  • Vibration when driving that worsens as speeds increase
  • Binding feeling when driving
Driveshaft centre bearing replacement cost

How driveshaft centre bearing replacement is performed

  • The car is lifted on a hoist and the drivetrain inspected
  • The rear driveshaft is disconnected from the differential and the slip yoke is removed from the rear of the transmission
  • The centre bearing bolts are removed and a new centre bearing is installed
  • The driveshaft is refitted and secured
  • The car is lowered and the technician performs a road test to confirm the repair

Tips to remember

  • It’s often a good idea to replace the transmission output shaft seal when the slip yoke is removed, preventing a future leak.
  • The driveshaft centre bearing may, on some cars, be replaced along with the complete driveshaft assembly.

How important is replacing your driveshaft centre bearing?

Having the centre bearing replaced on your driveshaft when it exhibits symptoms will keep your car operating dependably and safely at all speeds.

If you operate your car with a faulty driveshaft centre bearing, failure can cause you to lose control of your car, endangering your occupants and other motorists around you.

As well, a failed centre support bearing can cause extreme damage under your car if you’re driving when it comes apart.

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