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Average rating for Strut top mount replacement


4.8 • based on 12 reviews of 12 businesses

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Average rating for Strut top mount replacement


4.8 • based on 12 reviews of 12 businesses

Strut top mount replacement

How much should a strut top mount replacement cost?

You’re a weekend adventurer, love getting out of the rat race and taking off to unexplored territory.

That includes navigating a few rough roads, but it’s all good - your car’s a non-stop warrior machine and a few potholes won’t bother it.

Anyway, what’s the point of suspension if you're not going to use it.

You might reconsider when you have to start paying for the repairs.

Some vehicles are designed for off-road work, others aren’t.

Rough roads, potholes and ordinary wear and tear will take a toll on suspension parts.

One of those suspension parts is the top strut mount.

Just to replace a strut top mount can range between $110 to $320 depending on the type of strut and vehicle.

What is the strut top mount?

The strut top mount sits on top of the strut and mounts to the frame of the vehicle.

It is made of metal and rubber and its purpose is to reduce the noise and vibration which comes from the suspension.

So what is a strut?

A strut is a shock absorber but constructed in a way that provides more support for the suspension.

It is mounted to other suspension components and to the vehicle, via the strut top mount, this keeps it in place and stops it from flying through the bonnet.

A majority of vehicles have struts in the front and shock absorbers in the rear, but this can vary, depending on your vehicle type.

You can usually see the top strut mount when you open the bonnet.

They are attached to the frame at each side of the engine bay, situated above the wheels.

Symptoms that a strut top mount needs replacing

  • If you are about to replace a strut and/or spring due to wear and tear, it is a good sign the strut top mounts need replacing too
  • If you notice a clunking noise when driving, this could be due to movement in the strut top mount
  • When moving the side of the car up and down, the strut rod moves separately to the top mount. This means it needs to be replaced.
Strut top mount replacement

How is a strut top mount replaced?

This task appears simple on paper. However, it requires working with important suspension components and a compressed coil spring.

We would recommend you use AutoGuru to find an awesome suspension mechanic to do this job.

  • A technician will jack up the car and remove components that are attached to the strut
  • The top strut mount bolts will be undone
  • Strut will be removed from the vehicle
  • Spring compressors will be used to compress the springs
  • The strut top mount will be removed from the top of the strut
  • New strut top mount will be fitted, making sure to place in the correct direction
  • Springs will be uncompressed into place
  • Strut will be repositioned and bolted in at top strut mount
  • Other components that were attached to strut are reattached
  • All bolts will be checked for tightness
  • Lower car off the jack
  • Test drive vehicle to make sure all is ok

Tips to remember

When fitting the new strut top mount it needs to be fitted in the right direction.

There are markers identifying which side faces the correct side.

If you know your strut top mount is in need of replacement, do not go off-roading.

Have it fixed as soon as possible.

How important is replacing the strut top mount?

Unless it is completely broken and torn clean through, it’s not going to stop you from driving around.

Ideally, you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible but it should at least get you to a mechanic without an issue.

One of our gurus can book you an AutoGuru expert technician to get that strut top mount replaced and get you back to kicking up dust on those gravel roads before you know it.