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Average rating for Fuel hose replacement


4.7 • based on 7 reviews of 7 businesses

Fuel hose replacement

How much does a fuel hose replacement cost?

In order for your engine to run, the fuel in your tank needs to make its way to the engine. Fuel hoses are used as the delivery route for your engine’s fuel.

During everyday use, the fuel hoses slowly deteriorate and become brittle and may eventually need to be replaced if cracks develop.

Fuel hoses can often last a car’s whole lifetime without leaking and can be expected to last at least 100,000 to 200,000km.

If you need fuel hose replacement, the average cost can vary a lot depending on the make and model, anywhere from $120 to $500 or even more.

Older cars are more susceptible to fuel hose leaks as newer models typically use hard fuel lines more often.

What is a fuel hose?

Your car’s fuel pump sends fuel from your tank to your engine through a supply fuel hose, and excess fuel flows back to the tank in a return fuel hose.

These fuel hoses run along the undercarriage of your car from the tank to the engine compartment.

Whenever the engine is running, a constant supply of fuel is circulating through the fuel hoses.

Fuel hoses are commonly made of nylon- or Kevlar-reinforced rubber hose and lined inside by a permeable-resistant material like Teflon.

The fuel hoses attach to metal fuel lines either with a quick connector or fuel hose clamps.

The hose itself can become brittle with aging or heat, and the internal liner can collapse or degrade, and the fuel hose will need to be replaced.

Symptoms you require fuel hose replacement

  • Fuel leaking onto the ground under your car
  • Engine doesn’t start
  • Your engine stumbles under moderate to hard acceleration
Fuel hose replacement costs

How is fuel hose replacement performed?

  • The technician lifts the car and identifies the source of the fuel leak or restriction
  • Fuel pressure is relieved at the engine fuel rail
  • The fuel hose is disconnected at one end and fuel in the line is collected
  • The fuel hose is fully removed and a new one fitted
  • The engine is started and the fuel system inspected for leaks

Tips to remember

  • If one fuel hose requires replacement, it’s best to replace them all at the same time.
  • Some fuel hoses must be replaced as an assembly with the hard fuel lines, which can add to the cost of both parts and labour.

How important is replacing your fuel hoses?

It goes without saying that a fuel leak from your car is an extremely dangerous situation; an inherent risk of combustion.

Whether it’s a car fire from a fuel leak or your car stalls because the fuel line has collapsed, it’s a situation that puts yourself and others on the road in danger.

Replacing your fuel hoses when a problem is first discovered is prudent, and it gives you peace of mind whenever you’re driving.

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