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Average rating for Fog light bulb replacement


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Average rating for Fog light bulb replacement


3.9 • based on 9 reviews of 9 businesses

Fog light bulb replacement

Fog light bulb replacement cost

Fog is an unpredictable ghostly mist that can form almost without warning and can be both highly inconvenient and a real hazard to road users - many an accident has occurred due to the low visibility of foggy conditions.

Fog lights are used in conjunction with low-beam headlights and are generally located at the bottom of the front bumper of a vehicle. Light needs to be down low to get the best visibility and penetration during foggy conditions. There are also rear fog lights which sit lower on a car’s rear bumper.

Fog lights cannot be used in normal weather conditions. Legally, fog lights can only be activated when driving in foggy or smoky conditions where visibility of the road ahead is impaired. You can be fined for using fog lights in clear weather conditions.

Not all vehicles come with fog lights. If yours does, it’s best to make sure they are operating correctly and are ready to use on those unexpected foggy days. If you have a faulty fog light bulb and need to get it replaced it can cost around $20 to $200 to replace a pair, depending on the make and model of vehicle and ease of fitment.

What is a fog light bulb?

A fog light bulb (globe) will typically be either a 12-24V light-emitting diode (LED) or high-intensity discharge (HID) type. The type of bulb for your car will be determined by the fog light assembly and the recommendation of the manufacturer. Before installation, it’s best to check that a bulb is road legal and designed to be used in your vehicle.

The bulb will have a glass case/lens that covers the conductor/electrodes and a metal base that plugs, screws or pushes into a power source within the fog light assembly. When a fog light bulb fails a warning light may illuminate on the dash to let you know something is amiss.

How is a fog light bulb replaced?

  • Access fog light assembly
  • Remove faulty bulb
  • Compare old bulb with new to make sure they are the same
  • Fit new bulb
  • Test function
  • Refit assembly (if required)
Fog light bulb replacement

Symptoms a fog light bulb needs replacing

  • Fog light not working
  • Warning light on the dash
  • Reduced illumination in fog
  • Flickering light
  • Dimming light

Tips to remember

Have an auto electrician inspect the fog lights to determine it is just the bulb that is faulty.

It’s a good idea to change both fog lights bulbs together, to maintain an even coverage of illumination in front of the vehicle.

How important is replacing a fog light bulb?

Driving in fog is difficult and dangerous. Ideally, it’s best to wait until the fog lifts before driving but if it can’t be avoided, make sure you have the best illumination to get you through safely.

Do you have some light bulbs out that need to be replaced? Book an AutoGuru bulb expert to illuminate the way.