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Average rating for Side window replacement


2.0 • based on 1 review of 1 business

Side window replacement

How much does a side window replacement cost?

The windows of your vehicle allow you to see where you are going, protect you from the elements - especially that cold rain and wind in winter – and also provide UV protection from the sun.

The side windows can be fixed in place, such as on the rear doors behind the main side window, or be moved up and down utilising a powered regulator or hand crank on older vehicles.

If any damage happens to these windows, they must be replaced to restore integrity to the vehicle, as well as to stop unwanted theft of items or damage to the interior of your pride and joy.

On average, a side window can cost between $250 and $500, depending on the style of window and what is involved in the replacement.

The replacement window may also need to be tinted, at additional cost, to match the rest of the windows in your vehicle.

What are side windows made of?

The windows on your vehicle are typically made up of two different types of glass – laminated and tempered glass.

Laminated glass is usually found in windscreens but can also be used for side windows.

However, the most commonly used glass for side windows is tempered.

Tempered glass is created by rapidly heating and cooling the glass panel to create a strong, single ply window.

If this glass breaks, it shatters into small, non-sharp pieces to better protect occupants from suffering any injuries.

The downside to this is that it is difficult to clean up after a breakage.

Symptoms that your side window needs replacing

Apart from the obvious answer of a broken window, there are other symptoms that indicate you may need to replace your side window:

Delaminating glass. If your vehicle is fitted with laminated glass, over time it can begin to separate.

If it is not replaced and breaks, it could send sharp pieces of glass through the interior of your vehicle.

The glass is chipped or cracked. Similar to having your windscreen replaced if there is a chip or crack present, your side windows will need to be replaced if any damage has occurred.

Side window replacement

How is the side window replaced?

  • The vehicle is vacuumed to remove any broken glass before work can start.
  • Depending on which window requires replacing, the door trim and other components will be removed.
  • The remains of the old window will be removed off the window regulator, and any debris inside the door removed.
  • The new window will be carefully inserted and attached to the window regulator.
  • The door trim and other components will be refitted and the operation of the window and regulator tested.
  • The new glass will be cleaned of any marks from installation.

Tips to remember

It is possible for small pieces of glass to spread through the vehicle when a side window is broken, so it is essential to ensure all areas affected are thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed to avoid personal injury from debris.

How important is replacing a broken side window

Failure to replace the broken side window will make your vehicle illegal to operate, will attract thieves and other unwanted attention, and allow elemental damage to sensitive components inside the vehicle.

It is best to have the window replaced as soon as possible to prevent these issues and return the vehicle to a comfortable and safe place in which to travel.