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Here's what everyone else is asking!

Why are tyres black?

Natural rubber is not black. In fact, it’s closer to white and the same goes for the rubber used for tyres. However, during the manufacturing process, a filler called 'carbon black' is added to make the tyres tougher and more resistant to temperature changes and abrasive surfaces, which causes the tyre to appear black. Carbon black also helps the tyre roll easier which helps the cars driving performance and fuel consumption.

Where can I get my tyres fitted?

You can get new tyres fitted at specialist tyre retail chains and independent tyre retailers. Most mechanical workshop businesses also offer tyre fitment services. Mobile tyre fitment is also an option.

Do tyres expire?

Many manufacturers recommend that tyres be replaced 10 years from their date of manufacture, even if the tread on the tyres still looks good. Even if tyres have not been used, the rubber can still degrade by being exposed to the elements. A 4-digit number on your tyres will let you know when it was manufactured. For instance, 1017 means the tyre was manufactured in the 10th week of 2017. This tyre would need to be replaced, regardless of tread wear, by the 10th week of 2027.

Can tyres be repaired?

Tyres are repairable, although this does depend on the damage they have sustained. Some examples of repaired damage;

- Puncture has been caused by something small such as a nail
- The puncture has not gone too deep
- The puncture has a diameter of less than 5mm
- The location of the puncture is in the centre of the tyre (not on the shoulder or sidewall)

Are tyres covered under warranty?

Tyres themselves do come with some form of warranty from their manufacturer, although the details can differ between brands. In most cases, the warranty will cover manufacturing defects. Some brands will even offer warranties against accidental damage, however, there are generally terms and conditions that need to be met in order to qualify.

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St Marys Tyre & Wheel Centre

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 25 November 2023

The lady at reception went out of her way to find me what type of tyre I was looking for. Highly recommend this place for the service they offer. Luckily there are nearby places where you can wait whi...

Grease Monkey Autowerx

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 28 November 2023

Staff were polite courteous and helpful. I gave short notice for an urgent repair and Grease Monkey Autowerx was more than willing to do the job in a timely and professional manner. The car cleaning w...

Alltyres Auto Centre

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 26 November 2023

The qualified mechanic who fixed my steering wheel problem gave valuable advice regarding future services. And plus, fair price! Highly recommended.

mycar Tyre & Auto Joondalup

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 24 November 2023

Great service. Very friendly.

2023 BYD Atto 3 vehicle

Michelle Y

2023 BYD Atto 3

mycar Tyre & Auto Adelaide City

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 11 November 2023

Excellent service and very efficient. The mechanic was patient and explained the problem to me.

Mechanical Care

starstarstarstarstar   5 • 20 November 2023

As always, mechanical care never fails to provide fantastic service that you can trust. I highly recommend.

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