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Average rating for Front cover oil leak repair


4.8 • based on 4 reviews of 4 businesses

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Average rating for Front cover oil leak repair


4.8 • based on 4 reviews of 4 businesses

Front cover oil leak repair

How much does a front cover oil leak repair cost?

The front engine cover, also known as the timing cover or timing case, is designed to protect the timing chain/s and tensioners on the front of the engine. It also allows the engine oil to lubricate and cool the timing chain components.

The front cover is usually made of metal and is sealed to the engine using either liquid gasket or a pressed metal gasket with rubber seals to prevent oil and coolant leaks. Over time, these gaskets can fail and oil can leak out from where the front cover mounts to the engine.

When this happens, it's time to have the gasket replaced. Unfortunately, having a front cover oil leak repaired can be costly as the front of the engine must be disassembled to remove the cover. Repairs can start from $400 and increase to $1500 and above, depending on the vehicle and engine fitted.

What is a front cover gasket?

The gasket that seals the front cover to the engine is made up either of metal with rubber seals, or a silicone-based sealant known as RTV. If an oil leak is present, replacement of the gasket material is the only way to rectify this problem.

It is highly unusual for the cover itself to leak but if this is the cause, a complete cover replacement will be needed.

Symptoms of a front cover oil leak

  • Oil leaking under the vehicle
  • Low oil level
  • Oil smell or smoke coming from under the bonnet
Front cover oil leak repair

How is a front cover oil leak repair performed?

  • The engine oil and coolant will be drained from the engine
  • The engine will be disassembled to allow front cover removal
  • The old gasket will be removed from the engine mating surface and the front cover inspected for any damage
  • A new gasket will be applied to the front cover and the cover refitted with new seals as needed
  • The engine will be reassembled and filled with fresh coolant and engine oil
  • The engine will be started and brought up to operating temperature to check for any leaks
  • The vehicle will be test driven to ensure repair has been carried out successfully

Tips to remember

  • Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, the engine may need to be removed to allow access to the front cover of the engine. If this is the case, there will be many components that need to be replaced during the repair, such as bolts and fluids
  • The front cover of a vehicle fitted with a timing belt is usually made of plastic so does not require replacing unless damage has occurred. If there is an oil leak from behind this cover, the timing belt will need to be replaced and the camshaft and crankshaft seals inspected for leaks

How important is repairing a front cover oil leak?

If the engine oil level inside your engine is low, oil overheating and premature failure of internal components can result. If you have noticed an oil leak under your vehicle you should have it rectified as soon as possible to keep your engine running as smoothly.

While a front cover oil leak repair can seem costly, an engine replacement cost is far higher and may be required if the oil leak is ignored.