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5 ways you might invalidate your car insurance

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Updated 12 Mar 2021

Lara Wilde

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Nobody makes a claim on their car insurance because their life is peachy and nothing is wrong.

When you make that call for help, you are normally stressed and more than a little anxious.

Why anxious? You pay your insurance premiums every month so they should just fix the problem, right?

Well . . . yeah nah, mate.

There are plenty of fine print clauses in your insurance policy that can catch you unawares, leaving you footing the bill for repairs to your car, the other guy’s car and whatever else was caught up in the bingle.

Here are 5 ways that you might accidentally invalidate your insurance claim.

  • Look after your car.
    The insurance company will ghost you like a dodgy one-night stand if your tyres are bald, your brake lights don’t work, or your car is not in a roadworthy condition for any other reason.

    The paint doesn’t have to be perfect but make sure the vehicle is in the best condition it can be from a safety perspective.

    A qualified mechanic on AutoGuru can help with this! 

  • Check your bookwork is up to date.
    Stay on top of it all. Is your driver’s licence current?

    Are your insurance premiums paid up to date? Is the vehicle registered?

    Is the driver old enough or listed to be a driver under your policy?

    Dot your i’s and cross your t’s to make sure there are no nasties lurking in the future.
  • Tell them about it.
    If you decide to modify your car in any way, tell the insurance company about it.

    Bigger wheels, a tow bar, an upgraded sound system, performance upgrades such as a turbo on the motor, or even darker tinted windows can all cause the insurance company to step away if they want.

    Make sure your modifications are professionally installed and then tell the insurance company all about them.

  • Be a good driver.
    If the sign says the road is closed, don’t drive around it.

    Don’t drive like a hoon - you never know who is filming you. If the road is flooded, forget it.

    Had a few drinkie poos? Grab an Uber. If you are not driving responsibly, the insurance company may not take responsibility so be a grown up and be a good driver.

  • No risk, No reward.
    If you want Mr. Insurance to take all of the risk of fixing what you ding, then you need to forfeit all rewards.

    So, no accepting payment for a lift, no Uber after hours, no charging your mate’s kids to drop them off at prom in your cool wheels.

    This also includes prizes for winning at the racetrack.

    Even if you don’t win the race and take home the trophy and the glory, your insurance won’t fix what you bend on the track.

Depending on your policy there may be plenty of other ways you can void the joy of having someone else pick up the tab for your boo-boo, but you will only find out when you sit down and study your insurance policy.

Fingers crossed you have a blessed driving career and never need to find out.

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Written By

Lara Wilde

Lara Wilde is the automotive addict showing you how to love your car without getting dirty.

With more than 20 years of driving experience, Lara has made cars her life.

Lara shares her automotive adventures educating and entertaining audiences as a keynote speaker for corporate events and freelance author for a variety of publications.

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