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The top 10 most serviced cars in 2020

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Updated 25 Mar 2021

Rowan Johnstone

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2020 has passed us by, and many of us are happy to see it go!

In what was a tough year, AutoGuru still helped thousands of Australians better care for their cars, so we wanted to take a look back and see which makes and models were booked the most through AutoGuru in 2020.

 1. Mazda 3

As one of Australia's most popular new vehicles, it’s no surprise that the Mazda 3 retains its first place on the list of most serviced vehicles on AutoGuru. Well known for their reliability as well as fuel efficiency and styling, the Mazda 3 is popular with the older generations as well as younger people, often the most popular choice of first vehicle after getting their licence.

However, they aren’t bulletproof and have common problems that can manifest if not taken care of straight away. We used data collected on repairs requested through AutoGuru to put together an article on the five most common issues on the Mazda 3, which is available here.

If you're in the market for a used Mazda 3, check out our buying guide.

In 2020, the most common car service for Mazda 3’s was the 70,000km / 84-month service, up from the 40,000km / 48-month service which was most popular last year.

The most common repairs were for a battery replacement and spark plug replacement. The ‘Engine light on inspection’ was the most commonly booked inspection.

2. Holden Commodore

Once Australia’s favourite car, the Holden Commodore has seen sales drop over the last 10 years with the popularity of more fuel-efficient SUVs taking the place of the once-loved family sedan, and it was announced in 2019 that the Commodore name will no longer be sold here from 2020, ending a 42-year legacy.

However, there are still plenty on Australian roads that require servicing and repairs, which brings the Commodore in at number 2 on the most commonly serviced vehicles list for 2020.

The most commonly booked car service for the Holden Commodore in 2020 was the 105,000 / 63-month service, down from the 165,000km / 132-month interval from last year. Most Common repairs were the front and rear brake pad replacement and spark plug replacement whilst its most common inspection was the A/C not cold inspection.

3. Toyota Corolla

A staple on Australian roads for more than 30 years, the Toyota Corolla comes in third on the list of most commonly serviced vehicles for 2020. The Corolla is still popular with new car buyers, ranking as the best selling passenger car in 2020, for the eighth year in a row.

Popular with younger people looking for their first car, there are a number of common issues to look out for, so if you are in the market for a second hand Corolla, check out our article here.

In 2020, owners were most commonly booking the 90,000km / 54 month Toyota Corolla car service, compared to the 110,000km / 66-month interval service in 2019. Most common repairs were the alternator replacement and the clutch replacement. The ‘squealing noise from brakes’ inspection took out the top spot for inspections.

4. Holden Cruze

Although no longer being sold, the Holden Cruze is a popular vehicle on Australian roads thanks to its relatively low initial purchase price, although reliability issues with it’s engines and transmissions have reduced numbers somewhat.

Available with both petrol and diesel engines, although the diesel was dropped due to poor sales, the Cruze was easy on the pocket when it comes to servicing, it’s the cost of repairs that put many people off purchasing a Cruze before it was discontinued in 2016.

For the second year in a row, the most common car service was the 105,000km / 84 month interval. Timing belt replacement and thermostat replacement were the most booked Holden Cruze repairs in 2020, whilst the oil leak inspection was the most booked inspection.

5. Toyota Camry

A favourite of Uber drivers and taxis, as well as families, the humble Toyota Camry has come leaps and bounds since it’s introduction to Australian roads in the 1980s. With the introduction of the Camry Hybrid, Toyota’s family sedan entered the 21st Century as one of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles, while still being relatively cost-effective to maintain, and the popularity of the vehicle shows with it being our fifth most serviced vehicle of 2020.

This year the most common car service for the Toyota Camry was again the 90,000km / 54-month interval. Most common repairs in 2020 for the Camry were for timing belt replacements and alternator replacements. The top inspection was the oil leak inspection.

6. Mitsubishi Lancer

Another vehicle on the list that is no longer sold in Australia, the Mitsubishi Lancer, was phased out at the end of 2017 and ends a 45-year nameplate for now. The Lancer holds a special place in many Aussies hearts due to being the car they either learned to drive in, or purchased as their first car.

With many Lancers still getting around, it’s no surprise that the Lancer took sixth place in our list, and will continue to be a popular vehicle for years to come.

In 2020 the most commonly booked car service was the 120,000km / 96-month service, up from the 105,000km / 84-month interval. Most common repairs were timing belt replacements and clutch replacements. The most common inspection booked for the Lancer was the ‘oil leak’ inspection.

7. Holden Captiva

The first six models retained the same positions as they did in 2019. However, for 2020, the Holden Captiva has moved up from ninth to seventh.

The Captiva burst onto the Australian market in 2006, and continued to be one of Holden's best selling vehicles until it was phased out in 2018. Offering petrol and diesel engine variants as well as 7 seats, it was great for families - however, reliability issues plagued earlier models, leaving a stigma that the Captiva has struggled to shake.

The Captiva is the only SUV to make our list of most serviced models of 2020, indicating just how popular they still are on Australian roads, and how much Aussies love using AutoGuru to look after their Captiva.

The most common car service interval in 2020 was the 105,000km / 63-month service, compared to last year when it was 90,000km / 54-month service. Timing Chain replacement and starter motor replacement were the two most common repairs booked. The most common inspection booked was the oil leak inspection.

8. Volkswagen Golf

Thanks to the Captiva’s rise through the ranks, the following models dropped down the order.

Our first European vehicle on the list, the Volkswagen Golf, has come to the forefront of motoring in Australia for those who want German engineering in a small hatchback. The downside to this is an increased servicing cost and parts pricing, however, due to the popularity of the brand, parts are more widely available which is reducing the cost of maintenance.

We have many workshops and mobile mechanics that specialise in European vehicles, helping you better look after your Volkswagen Golf servicing.

Volkswagen Golfs were mostly booked in for a 75,000km / 60-month service interval, the same as last year. The most common repairs were the timing belt replacement and the water pump replacement. The most common inspection was the ‘oil leak’ inspection.

9. Hyundai i30

Shaking off a stigma of ‘cheap and nasty’, Hyundai has risen to become one of the most popular brands in Australia in 2020, offering a 7-year unlimited-kilometre warranty and competitive pricing. This pricing transfers over to servicing, and the great news is you can have your Hyundai i30 serviced through AutoGuru without risking your warranty, saving you money and ensuring your Hyundai is kept in the best possible mechanical condition.

If you happen to be in the market for a Hyundai i30, we've put together a useful Hyundai i30 buying guide which may help you decide if the i30 is the right car for you!

The i30’s most common car service in 2020 was the 90,000km / 72-month service, compared to last year's 75,000km / 60-month interval. The most common repairs were the front driver's side window regulator replacement and the drive belt replacement. The most commonly booked inspection was for A/C not cold.

10. Toyota Yaris

The final entry in our top ten most serviced vehicles for 2020 is the Toyota Yaris.

First released in 2006, the Toyota Yaris became an instant hit, with futuristic looks and a digital dashboard making it stand out from the crowd of other smaller vehicles being sold at the time. Popular with younger people as a first car due to their small size and fuel-efficient engines, the Yaris was also popular due to relatively low maintenance and servicing costs, as well as Toyota's reputation for reliability.

The most common service interval for the Yaris was the 100,000km / 60-month service. Last years was 80,000km / 48-month service, so with 20,000km / 12-month service intervals, this natural progression makes sense. The two most common repairs were for clutch replacements and drive belt replacements. The most common inspection for the Yaris was the ‘oil leak’ inspection.

So there we have it, our list of the 10 most popular vehicles serviced on AutoGuru for 2020.

Not much has changed with all models from 2019 reappearing on the list, and only one model really changed position with the Captiva rising up a few spots.

Need a car service or repair? Too easy, AutoGuru makes it easy to search, compare and book from thousands of mechanics throughout Australia!

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