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Average rating for Power steering not working inspection


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Average rating for Power steering not working inspection


4.7 • based on 24 reviews of 24 businesses

Power Steering Not Working Inspection

What Is Power Steering?

You probably take for granted how easy your vehicle’s steering wheel is to turn.

The ease with which it does is thanks to the power steering system working in harmony with the steering components, making parking and driving a breeze.

If you’ve ever driven a vehicle without power steering, you know a massive amount of effort is required to turn through even the smallest of corners, or to get into a tight parking space - and this can happen suddenly if your power steering system fails.

Instead of going to the gym to build up your strength, rely on AutoGuru to get your steering back to its best!

How Does The Power Steering System Work?

The power steering system relies on a number of key components to operate efficiently.

On older vehicles, the power steering relied on a belt-driven pump to send hydraulic fluid through power steering hoses down to the steering rack.

This hydraulic assistance boosted the effort the driver applied to the steering wheel, making it easier to steer.

This system used power from the engine to operate, as well as using high pressure, and would increase fuel consumption and emissions.

To avoid this, manufacturers came up with a better solution - electric power steering that use electric motors to provide the assistance.

Common Power Steering System Issues

  • Power Steering Belt failure:
    If your vehicle has belt-driven power steering, a failure of the belt will not provide drive to the power steering pump. A belt failure may also be associated with warning lights illuminating on the dashboard, as this belt can also run the alternator and water pump.

  • Low Power Steering Fluid:
    If the power steering fluid is low, it will provide less assistance while driving. This may be felt over time or happen all at once if there is a major leak.

  • Power Steering Pump Failure:
    If the power steering pump fails, it will not pump the hydraulic fluid to the steering rack and the power steering will not work.

  • Electric Motor Failure:
    If your vehicle is fitted with electric power steering, failure of the electric motor will reduce the amount of assistance that is provided.
Power Steering Not Working Inspection

How Is A Power Steering Not Working Inspection Carried Out?

Mechanics will inspect the power steering system, checking the belt, pump and fluid (if fitted) of other steering components, and also carry out a diagnostic scan.

A quote for any repairs will be provided, if required.

How Important Is Having Your Power Steering Inspected?

Losing power steering while you are driving can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are turning or moving from one lane to another.

Having your power steering inspected as soon as possible after it stops working will allow you to get back on the road in a safe manner, for both you and other motorists.

If you put off an inspection and continue driving, expensive damage may occur to other steering components, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.