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Average rating for Headlights are not working inspection


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Average rating for Headlights are not working inspection


4.7 • based on 36 reviews of 34 businesses

Headlights Are Not Working Inspection

Why Are Headlights Important?

It is a government regulation that drivers have ‘lights on vehicle lit at night or in hazardous conditions’, so driving in low light without headlights is a no-no.

But what if you have one headlight out and one headlight that’s working?

The laws are ambiguous, but even with one headlight working you do risk copping a defect notice, receiving a fine and losing demerit points.

So, if you have a headlight out, it’s a good idea to get it looked at before it gets too dark.

How Do Headlights Work?

Headlights are there to illuminate the area in front of you in reduced light conditions.

Most light vehicles have two headlights that are electrically operated and have a high and low beam.

Light is cast ahead on a downward angle and, in Australia, are directed more to the left of the road.

This is to best view the road ahead whilst not blinding other road users travelling towards you.

Headlights have specifically angled reflectors in them which partner with the bulb(s) in the headlight housing.

The reflectors aid in spreading the bulb(s) light effectively and also protects the bulb(s) from damage.

There are three main types of bulb used in vehicles.

  • Halogen/filament bulbs are filled with halogen gas which enables the bulb to run hotter, which means they will be brighter.
  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs don’t have a filament. Instead, there are two electrodes that form an arc of electricity that charges Xenon gas within the bulb.
  • LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are semiconductor-based light sources. They are long lasting and have the advantage of low power usage.

Your headlight function will be inspected as part of a service.

However, if you do come across an issue and need your headlights checked, pricing will be based on how long it takes a technician to find the fault.

This may be 10 mins or longer so the price could range from $20 through to $160 or more.


Common Reasons For Headlights Not Working

  • Switch has failed
  • Burnt out bulb
  • Faulty relay
  • Oxidised sockets
  • Blown fuse
  • Not grounded properly
Headlights Are Not Working Inspection

How Is A Headlight Inspection Performed?

A technician will start at the most obvious areas and move systematically until the source of the problem is found.

They are likely to check some or all of the following areas when looking for the cause of a headlight fault.

  • The headlight bulb will be checked, it may have blown
  • Inspection of the light switch operation. These can become faulty over time
  • Headlight fuse will be checked to see if it has blown
  • The light relay may be faulty, and this will be examined
  • The light circuit will be probed for power. If there is no power, the wiring may need to be investigated further

If the fault is a blown bulb or fuse, the technician may offer to replace it there and then.

A more complex issue will require more time for the technician to diagnose the problem.

How Important Is A Headlight Inspection?

To shed some light on this, you need only ask yourself a couple of questions - do you ever drive at night and do you ever experience inclement weather while driving?

If you answered yes, then get your headlights inspected.

If you have a headlight that’s not working correctly then the safest option is to have it inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

Accidents are more likely to happen whilst navigating in the dark.