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Average rating for Electrical problem inspection


4.6 • based on 81 reviews of 73 businesses

Electrical Problem Inspection

What Makes Up The Electrical System?

Engine sensors, infotainments systems, lighting, safety and even hybrid batteries - the electrical systems on a modern vehicle number in the hundreds, and they all rely on each other to operate at their best.

So, when a problem arises it can cause anything from a simple warning light to complete vehicle shut down.

It’s for this reason that any electrical problem should be inspected, and that's where your friends from AutoGuru come in!


How Does This System Work?

The main sources of electrical power in the modern-day vehicle are the battery and the alternator.

These send power to all the sensors, switches, fuses and relays through what is known as a wiring harness.

This harness connects to pretty much everything in the vehicle and is made up of kilometres of wiring.

Most vehicles contain between 2km and 3km of wiring, and high-end vehicles with lots of features can double that amount.

This allows communication between control modules as well as the flow of power between components and sensors.

Common Reasons For Electrical Problems

  • Failed Sensor: if a sensor has failed, this will cause a light on the dash and may affect other electrical systems
  • Blown Fuse: the fuses are used as safety devices to prevent excess current damaging sensitive circuits. If a fuse has blown, it may indicate another component has failed and is drawing too much current.
  • Low Battery Voltage: The battery provides the electricity for your vehicle, and if the voltage is low, it can cause many components to shut down to save power for the critical engine and safety components.
  • Wiring Faults: If there is damage to the wiring harness at any point, this can interrupt power flow, as well as cause other electrical issues.
Electrical Problem Inspection

How Is An Electrical Problem Inspection Performed?

Mechanics will carry out an inspection and diagnostic tests on any system or sensor that may have failed, as well as checking the charging rate of the alternator and the health of the battery.

An inspection of the fuses and relays will also be carried out, and a quote on any repairs required will be presented.

How Important Is It To Have An Electrical Problem Inspected?

Almost everything in the modern vehicle is controlled by an electrical circuit or module, so getting a problem inspected as soon as it appears will ensure your vehicle is back to a clean bill of health.

This is important for comfort when travelling, as well as the safety of you and your family, especially if the electrical problem is compromising the many safety systems designed to protect you in the event of an accident.

It is also more cost effective to have an inspection carried out to determine the cause as leaving an electrical problem to manifest may have expensive consequences!