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Average rating for Central locking inoperative inspection


4.4 • based on 41 reviews of 39 businesses

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Average rating for Central locking inoperative inspection


4.4 • based on 41 reviews of 39 businesses

Central Locking Inoperative Inspection

How Do I Know If I Need My Central Locking Inspected

We rush around jumping in and out of our cars and probably never think about what would happen if the central locking failed to work and we couldn’t get into our vehicles.

It’s something we take for granted - we push a button and off we drive, or we push a button and walk away knowing that our vehicle alarm and locking system is active and fully protecting our essential people carrier.

If you are experiencing an odd noise coming from inside the car door or have erratic door lock operation, then you will probably want to get your central locking inspected.

Having your central locking inspected can cost $50 to $300 depending on the amount of time it takes a mechanic to find a fault and determine what is required to fix it.

But how does central locking work and how do you inspect central locking?

It might be worth getting an understanding of it now, before you’re stuck in the middle of a shady neighbourhood, unable to lock one of your biggest assets.

How Does Central Locking Work?

Unless you’re driving a classic, your vehicle will likely be equipped with central locking.

You press a button on a remote key fob, the doors magically unlock, and the immobiliser system switches off so you can start the car.

But how does it all work?

When you push the key fob button, it sends a radio signal to an antenna in your vehicle.

That antenna works with a computer which registers that the radio frequency is from the fob and programmed to your vehicle.

Power is then sent to actuators which unlocks or locks the doors depending on which button you push.

Each button has its own signal, so the system knows if you are wanting to lock or unlock.

Common Reasons For Central Locking Not Working?

  • Key fob battery is dead
  • Faulty fuse
  • Faulty door lock switch
  • Keyless entry antenna is not working correctly
  • Wiring issues
  • Faulty door lock actuator
  • Key fob needs to be reprogrammed
  • Key fob circuit deterioration
Central Locking Inoperative Inspection

How Is A Central Locking Inspection Performed?

A mechanic or auto electrician will carry out an elimination process of checks starting from the most common reasons of failure.

Alternatively, they may be able to diagnose the issue from noises coming from the mechanism inside the door.

A technician will inspect some or all of the following components:

  • Key fob - is it powered sufficiently and functioning correctly
  • Fuses - find fuse box and test fuse
  • Actuator and switch - the door skins may need to be removed from the vehicle to access this area
  • Antenna - requires finding and accessing the unit
  • Wiring - requires testing the circuit


How Important Is A Central Locking Inspection?

If you have been experiencing signs that your central locking is not up to par, then it comes down to how important is it for you to access or lock your vehicle when you need to.

If you see the signs, it’s recommended that you have your central locking inspected for your vehicle’s security and the security of your investment.

You don’t want to have a difficult conversation with the insurance company or worse, get locked out during a hail storm