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Average rating for Battery is flat inspection

4.7 • based on 6 reviews of 6 businesses


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Average rating for Battery is flat inspection

4.7 • based on 6 reviews of 6 businesses

Battery Flat Inspection

How Much Does a Battery is Flat Inspection Cost?

The battery is your vehicles main source of electrical power.

It provides voltage to the fuel pump and engine control computer to allow the vehicle to run, as well as provide power for the radio and other infotainment systems.

If the battery is flat, your vehicle will not be able to start, leaving you stranded. 

What is a Battery?

A battery is an electrical storage unit comprised of lead plates submerged in electrolyte fluid.

This fluid promotes the flow of electrical current between the plates when needed, such as starting the vehicle or operating the radio.

The alternator recharges the battery when the engine is running.

What happens when your Battery goes flat?

  • Your vehicle will not start, or may be slow to turn over
  • Your central locking may not operate
  • The vehicle lighting will be dim, or may not operate at all
Battery Is Flat Inspection Costs

What causes a Battery to go flat?

  • Battery age
  • Low electrolyte level inside the battery
  • Using or leaving electrical components operating for long periods without the engine running (think leaving your lights on overnight)

How is a Battery is Flat Inspection carried out?
The mechanic will load test the battery, checking voltage and charge capacity. Depending on the test results, the battery may just require a recharge to return to working condition.

However, if it fails, the only option will be to replace the battery.