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New extended warranties for Century Batteries

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Updated 6 Jan 2021


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In September, Century Batteries unveiled its new state-of-the-art plate making machine, which will increase battery production by 20% to over 1.3 million batteries a year.

Production rates like these have never been seen before in the Century factory, and is representative of their commitment to provide Aussie drivers with quality Australian made products.

To coincide with their increased production rate, Century has further committed to their customers by introducing new branding, which includes their new extended warranties across the whole Century portfolio.

Now, their high-selling Ultra Hi Performance car and passenger vehicle range will come with a 40-month warranty (up from 36 months) and the increasingly popular Idle Stop Start AGM range are now backed by a 36-month warranty (up from 24 months).

Century Batteries National Marketing Manager (Automotive) Andrew Bottoms said that whilst Century’s ambition was to improve and upgrade the factory and double down on the company’s manufacturing footprint, it was critical there was something in it for consumers.

“That meant a commitment to Australians, that they could buy a homegrown battery, designed and made here for our extreme conditions,” Mr Bottoms said. “We had confidence in our products and that Australian-made was important to consumers.

“Both our resellers and our customers can be assured this is a true product warranty. We have been working on this for a long period of time to ensure the batteries are durable enough to put that sticker of warranty on it. Some of our competitors will provide a warranty where they allocate a budget to pick up the costs of a battery replacement.

“Our technology has grown to the point where the factory is comfortable extending the warranty because we know it will do the job. This is the Australian part of what we are doing, looking after our mates. From everyone from auto electricians to consumers, there is peace of mind this battery will do its job with true national coverage.

Century Batteries is on track to become the first company to chalk up a century of manufacturing in Australia and whilst celebrating that heritage is important to them, passing on the benefits to their customers is equally as important.

To find out more about Century Batteries and their latest initiatives, visit centurybatteries.com.au.

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