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FleetGuru - AutoGuru’s new Fleet Maintenance-as-a-Service platform

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Updated 15 Apr 2021

Rowan Johnstone

AutoGuru has developed a new enterprise fleet platform called FleetGuru, which enables FMOs and corporate fleets to outsource service and repair maintenance management to AutoGuru.

“Our mission is to optimise fleet quoting and approval processes and supplier payments to cut costs and improve efficiencies for FMOs and service providers alike” Says Eden Shirley CEO of AutoGuru.

”Pitched as a collaborative Maintenance-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution, our technology integrates with FMOs’ systems and enables our network of 5,000 OEMs, major groups and independent repairers to submit fleet work to multiple FMOs via a central portal."

Powered by AutoGuru’s unique quoting tech which leverages manufacturer service and repair times and parts data to build quotes, AutoGuru can automate over 60% of job approvals. This ensures that jobs are approved and paid faster.

Supported by AutoGuru’s Queensland-based fleet control contact centre, FleetGuru enables FMOs and corporations to significantly reduce costs and human resource requirements by outsourcing fleet maintenance management to AutoGuru.

What are the key benefits for FMOs and corporate fleets?

  1. Improved pricing consistency and structure
    Thanks to the digitisation of the quoting process using structured data, pricing consistency, accuracy and transparency can be greatly improved. This means fewer discrepancies and faster authorisation times.

  2. Reduced costs and resource expenditure
    Because FleetGuru uses structured data to calculate quotes, jobs can be analysed and auto-approved if they match expected parameters.

    This paves the way for machine learning to authorise an increasingly larger range of work requests to optimise repetitive manual processes. This enables FleetGuru to manage a higher volume of fleet approvals with fewer human resources and deliver cost savings for FMOs and corporations.

  3. Simplified payments and processing
    FleetGuru is a single portal for service providers to seek authorisations from multiple FMOs and corporations. FleetGuru will also completely manage the payments to service providers and periodically supply a single invoice back to FMOs and corporations.

What makes FleetGuru unique?

FleetGuru has been purpose-built to address some of the major concerns in the fleet management industry.

It’s no secret that vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. This, paired with the lack of digital adoption, results in a huge reliance on human resources to approve maintenance and repair requests.

When a service provider needs to approve work, they currently seek authorisation by calling FMOs. This process is labour-intensive, inefficient, hard to scale and prone to human error.

Additionally, experienced fleet controllers with technical experience are difficult to recruit and retain.

FleetGuru provides a solution that addresses all of these concerns. Our structured data, based on millions of real service and repair quotes, means accurate pricing, efficient processes and quick approvals, all whilst providing cost-saving benefits to FMOs and corporations.

Simply put, FleetGuru is designed to streamline vehicle maintenance management, scheduling, authorisations, and payment processing to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for both fleet controllers and service providers.

FleetGuru has already partnered with Ampol, Australia’s leading fuel card used by tens of thousands of Australian businesses, to help their AmpolCard customers access our network of over 5,000 auto repairers and enjoy a hands-free, cost-effective fleet management experience.

The aim is to integrate the majority of FMOs to enable service providers to seek fleet maintenance authorizations and get paid faster through one central portal.

To find out more about FleetGuru and how it can benefit your organisation, contact fleet@autoguru.com.au.

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