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AmpolCard - Fuel card review

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Updated 5 May 2022

Rowan Johnstone

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Ampol’s AmpolCard lets you manage your on-road business costs with Australia’s largest branded fuel network.

AmpolCard is accepted at over 1,900 locations, including Woolworths Metro and Foodary outlets, in addition to 240 trucks stops throughout Australia.

At Ampol locations, you’ll find quality fuels such as Unleaded Petrol, Premium 95, Premium 98, E10 Unleaded Petrol, Diesel and Amplify Premium Diesel and LPG Autogas.

As a testament to the quality service they provide, Ampol was rated as the top fuel card in Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction ratings for fuel cards in 2020.

What are the benefits of AmpolCard?

AmpolCard holders can enjoy the convenience of using Australia’s largest branded fuel network, with all fleet fuel and services in one cashless transaction.

AmpolCard holders will also be able to access exclusive discounts;

  • Save 4c per litre on Amplify Premium petrol
  • Save 3c per litre on Amplify Premium diesel
  • Save 2c per litre on regular petrol and diesel
  • Get 10% off packaged engine oils and 5% off Secure Parking.

To provide absolute convenience for you and your business, AmpolCard provides 24/7 local support and paperless Xero and MYOB expense management.

Additionally, if you have an AmpolCard and have added Services and Repairs, you’ll enjoy a streamlined car servicing and repairs experience thanks to Ampol’s partnership with AutoGuru and their FleetGuru platform.

FleetGuru is all about optimising fleet quoting and approval processes in order to cut costs and improve efficiencies for all involved.

What are the card options?

AmpolCard only offers one card type, however, there is a range of card management options available that enable those managing the accounts to track and personalise each individual card to their needs.

This includes purchase restrictions, PIN security, online transaction tracking and management and the ability to link to Xero and MYOB accounting software. 

How much does it cost to join AmpolCard?

There is no advertised sign-up fee for AmpolCard. There is an ongoing fee of $2.95/month per card.

Are there other fees?

Card issue fee - N/A

Transaction fee - $0

Visa Card processing fees - 0.53%

MasterCard - 0.73%

Amex - 2.10%

Is there an interest-free period?

Yes. The AmpolCard offers up to 14 days interest-free on new transactions.

What is the eligibility criteria?

You must be at least 18 years of age and a director, trustee, partner or business owner to apply. You’ll also need to have been trading for at least six months.

What do you need to apply for an AmpolCard?

  • You will need your ABN
  • Driver’s license
  • Details of the director, trustee, partner or the business owner
  • Your bank account details.

As always, it's recommended to carefully research each fuel card option and find out which is best suited to your needs. Find out more about AmpolCard

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