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Why do European cars need brake pads and rotors replaced at the same time?

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Updated 10 Oct 2019

Joel Ilton

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Most Australian’s know that owning a European car can be rather costly, especially when it comes to brake replacements.

The reason why European car owners need to replace their brakes and rotors at the same time is due to most European manufacturers use softer compound materials in their brake rotors to increase braking performance of their vehicles.

It’s great for performance, but unfortunately, this means they wear out faster.

So, in order to restore correct braking performance, the rotors will need to be replaced with the brake pads, which could save you more money in the long run!

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Joel Ilton

Finding a passion for cars from a young age, Joel carried out work experience as a mechanic whilst at school before starting an apprenticeship after finishing year 12.

After almost 10 years on the tools and in customer service, he moved into the IT realm as a Data Analyst and In-House mechanic at AutoGuru.