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How do I know if my car needs a Minor or Major Service?

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Updated 15 Nov 2019

Joel Ilton

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In order to understand which service your car may need, it’s important to know what’s the difference between a minor and a major service.

Minor Service

  • A service that only includes an oil filter, engine oil change and a full car check over
  • Can be part of a logbook service schedule
  • Can also be called a basic or general service.

Basic Service

  • A service that only includes an oil filter, engine oil change and a full car check
  • NOT part of a service schedule
  • Generally recommended for people with car’s that are out of their logbook service schedule, needing to identify an issue but still requires an oil change, or to simply stay within budget.

Interim Service

  • A service that is between logbook service schedules
  • Completely optional, but is recommended to maintain car performance.

This is where it can get a bit confusing, when it comes to Logbook servicing (depending on your make and model), your service schedules are made up of minor and major services.

It’s important to note that minor and major services are a part of your logbook service schedules and it is recommended that you do not miss these services.

Major services usually include additional work on top of a minor service and will depend on your make and model.

Major services may include replacing spark plugs, cabin filter, fuel filters, timing belts etc.

This is all dependent on the manufacture’s logbook recommendations and how many km’s a car has done.

These services are rather pricey, so it’s always a good idea to check your logbook to see what’s included.

Service Recommendation

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Joel Ilton

Finding a passion for cars from a young age, Joel carried out work experience as a mechanic whilst at school before starting an apprenticeship after finishing year 12.

After almost 10 years on the tools and in customer service, he moved into the IT realm as a Data Analyst and In-House mechanic at AutoGuru.