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Can a Mobile Mechanic do the same job as a workshop?

Joel Ilton

Updated 15 Feb 2023

Joel Ilton

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Mobile Mechanics are extremely convenient – especially if you’re short on time or trying to juggle a million things!

If you’re after basic or logbook servicing, Mobile Mechanics are able to carry out the exact same standard as a workshop, the only difference is, is that it’s from the comfort of your own home or workplace!

These days, mobile services can even fit new tyres and carry out wheel balancing, however, they won't be able to complete a wheel alignment. 

However, there are limitations on what they can do.

Mobile mechanics are limited in regards to what they can carry. Although you'd be surprised just how much they can fit inside their vans or trucks, they aren't bottomless pits.

Whilst a mobile mechanic will always make sure they have the correct tools for the jobs they have scheduled for the day, some specialty tools may not make the cut. 

This means that if the mechanic comes across any unforeseen problems that require an extremely specific tool, they might not be able to fix it that day.

Technical or extremely labour intensive services like timing belt replacements, engine refurbishments/replacement or things that require easy access to underneath the car could also be slightly more difficult for a mobile mechanic without the help of a car hoist.

To summarise, a mobile mechanic can pretty much do anything that a workshop based mechanic can do. We say pretty much because there are some jobs that are either better off left to a workshop, or physically require a workshop. 

If you're looking to book a car service or repair but are unsure whether you need a workshop or a mobile mechanic, AutoGuru makes it easy to search and book qualified local mechanics, who eat car troubles for breakfast.

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Joel Ilton

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Joel Ilton

Finding a passion for cars from a young age, Joel carried out work experience as a mechanic whilst at school before starting an apprenticeship after finishing year 12.

Joel is now the Workshop Manager at Robina Volkswagen.