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Why choose a Century battery for your car?

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Updated 18 Jun 2021

Century Batteries


Superior performance | Designed and built for Australian conditions

If we asked you which part of your car is the most important, common answers would probably include the engine, gearbox, wheels, tyres, or even vital safety features such as airbags or stability management systems. But we’d disagree. Because even if you own the newest, safest, and most technologically advanced car available on the market, – you’re not going anywhere if the battery is flat!

It all starts with the battery, and Century’s range of sealed maintenance-free car batteries incorporate industry-leading technology, engineering innovation and are built to withstand the challenges of Australia’s extreme climate and harsh driving conditions.

Century is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud history of designing and manufacturing batteries in Australia since 1928.

While some battery manufacturers focus on producing batteries with high CCA ratings, this is usually achieved by using thinner (and weaker) internal lead plates – resulting in a reduction in overall durability and service life.

Century batteries are designed and built to suit Australian conditions, with calcium battery plates, advanced grid designs, and a revolutionary sealed maintenance-free lid. It is these features which allow Century batteries to deliver superior starting power, whilst still providing exceptional corrosion resistance, longer service life, and the performance to power today's modern vehicles.

Australian Made Since 1928

Originally founded in 1928, Century Batteries is Australia’s most popular battery brand. We employ over 600 people across Australia and New Zealand, and build more than 1.1 -million batteries per year in our state-of-the-art Queensland manufacturing facility.

It’s the people behind the batteries who are Century’s greatest assets, and one of these employees is Gary Webster, - a dedicated Supercars fan who has worked as a Grid Caster in Century’s Ipswich-based manufacturing facility for 15 years.

Official Battery of Supercars

With over 90 years of manufacturing experience right here in Australia and proven winning performance, it’s easy to see why Supercars have chosen Century as their Official Battery. Through the ups and the downs, Century batteries have powered Australians from all walks of life for generations.

Extensive Product Range

No matter what you drive, there’s a Century battery available to suit your vehicle. Recognising that you’ll never get a good outcome with a “one size fits all” approach, our batteries are designed from the ground up with specific purposes in mind. So our range of car batteries are tailored to better handle high under-bonnet temperatures and repeated engine starts, while our 4x4 & SUV batteries are built to survive the excessive impact and vibration generated by driving off the beaten track.

Quality Product, Better Warranty

From the very start, Century batteries are designed and built to handle Australian conditions. In addition, every Century battery is backed by a comprehensive nationwide warranty of up to 40 months, supported by a network of over 7,000 retailers throughout Australia. So no matter where you are, there’s a Century retailer near you.

For technical enquiries, call Century Batteries on 13 22 87 or visit to find the right battery for your car.

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Century Batteries

Originally founded in 1928, Century Batteries has grown to become the undisputed market leader in the Australian Automotive battery market. With 600 employees, 35 distribution centres and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Century Batteries delivers the very best in stored energy solutions to over 7,000 retailers throughout Australia.

Australian motorists instantly recognise the iconic blue and yellow Century battery that has been the go-to starting battery for everyday drivers and racing professionals alike for over 90 years.