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Australian car battery manufacturing with CenturyYuasa Batteries

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Updated 20 Apr 2021


When they work the way they’re supposed to, car batteries can often be taken for granted. When they don’t, we suddenly realise how important they are, and how frustrating it is when they stop working!

So what can we do to help our car batteries last as long as possible? We caught up with John Kilby, the National Training Manager for CenturyYuasa Batteries at their Brisbane factory to find out a little more about their battery manufacturing right here in Australia.

What did we learn that we thought was pretty interesting? The Brisbane factory manufacturers about 1.1 million batteries a year, whilst their finishing tables can see just under 2 million batteries!

Sustainability is a big deal at CenturyYuasa, where they recycle up to 98% of their batteries! This includes recycling the battery acid into fertiliser, as well as recycling the battery containers. Even when storing their batteries, they opt for cardboard separators instead of polystyrene.

John was even kind enough to give us some expert tips on how we can all look after our batteries to help them last as long as possible.

These included;

  • Making sure the hold-down clamps are tight
  • Keeping the terminals clean
  • Don’t leave lights on
  • Don’t forget to shut the boot and glove compartment!

The best way, however, to make sure your car has a healthy battery for as long as possible is through preventative maintenance. John let us know that having your mechanic test the battery at each car service will help identify any potential issues and get them resolved quickly!

And why does John recommend Century Batteries? Easy, they’re manufactured right here in Australia and they're designed and made to perform in the typically hot Australian conditions. What more could you want?

You can find out more about how Century Batteries are made in Australia by clicking here

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