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Bendix - What did they get up to in 2019?

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Updated 18 Dec 2019


AutoGuru partners with some of the best brands in the automotive industry in order to share the most relevant information and products with Aussie car owners.

One of these brands is Bendix, who are at the forefront of braking technology and are all about helping customers find and fit the absolute best brake components for their needs.

Like us, the Bendix crew are innovators and they’ve been going full steam ahead throughout 2019 developing some awesome products.

Let’s take a look at just some of the things Bendix got up to in 2019.

How to find out what brake pads your car needs

The team developed a handy tool that lets you know which type of brakes your car requires, simply by scanning a REGO plate, entering a VIN number or scanning a Bendix barcode with your phone!

No more sifting through catalogues or endless internet searches, Bendix has gone and made it quick and easy to find out what brakes your car needs. Checkout the Bendix Catalogue App with Scan Feature here!

A convenient spray can range

They also released their consumable spray can range. This consists of six convenient products that make quality car care just that little bit easier around the house, or workshop.

Cleanup - A brake and parts cleaner that rapidly removes brake fluids, oils, dust, dirt and more from a variety of different parts.

Shine - An easy and effective way to shine your tyres, mudflaps or bumpers.

Degrease - Removes tough oil and grease from surfaces such as the engine, outboard motors, concrete, driveways and other surfaces.

Multi-Use - Penetrates and lubricates, making it easy to remove rusted nuts and other metal parts, as well as eliminating squeaking.

Smooth - White lithium grease, designed to lubricate and protect surfaces from abrasion.

Silicone - A heavy-duty lubricant and protectant. Waterproof and suitable for most surfaces.

Learn more about the Bendix consumable range here.

The Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit

Most recently, Bendix launched their Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit, with advanced ceramic brake pads and ultimate slotted rotors, braided lines and a bunch of other supporting items. The combination of all included parts really does make for the complete brake upgrade for your 4WD.

The cherry on top is the heavy-duty touring case in which the kit comes in. Once you’ve installed your new brake upgrade kit, you’ve now got a useable high-quality touring case to take with you on your next adventure.

The Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade boasts sensational stopping power under load and can see stopping distance improvements of up to 5 metres! Find out more here.

The Ultimate Disc Brake Rotors

Are you interested in stronger and smoother braking in your car? The Ultimate Disc Brake Rotors from Bendix are the answer. They released these innovative rotors late in the year, just in time to give your car the Christmas gift of stopping power!

Diamond tip slots and V-shaped dimples are specifically designed to expel dirt, gasses and water. They’re also coated with SwiftFit zinc coating, which means they look good for longer, are easier to install and eliminates corrosion.

With a truckload of innovative tech, these Ultimate rotors are a complement to the existing Bendix range.

We don’t know about you, but AutoGuru is looking forward to another awesome year of innovative products and services from Bendix in 2020.

Looking for new brake pads for your car? Find out why AutoGuru recommends Bendix brake pads by clicking here.

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