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5 Reasons to hire a professional for car window tinting

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Updated 3 Dec 2019

Rachel White

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Window tinting has many benefits. It lowers UV levels, reduces heat, adds privacy, reduces glare and improves the look of your car - although that last point is rather subjective, of course.

To tint the windows on a sedan you will pay around $165 to $400, although some of the top-end tints can reach nearly $1000.

You might wonder if a better option is to tint your own car and pocket that extra cash.

I don’t want to put you off completely - there is nothing like a good DIY project to keep you busy on the weekends - but don’t go spending that extra cash just yet, because there are some excellent reasons to use the professionals.

1. Cost-effectiveness & quality:

The quality of all products is not the same, and tinting professionals will likely be able to get good deals on higher-grade films because they buy in bulk. The top quality tint will last longer and the materials will be better quality, providing the benefits that are expected from a good tint. This will save you money in the long run.

2. Done right, first go:

Let’s face it, if you haven’t tinted a car before you will probably need to practice before you get it right. The professionals know what they are doing and have streamlined it to a fine art. Applying the film to a window needs to be done correctly and in suitable conditions. It is easy to get bubbles, wrinkles and other imperfections in the tint and if that happens the tint will have to be removed and the job done again. Doing an amateur job in a windy and dusty carport just won’t work.

3. Tinting regulations:

There are legal limits on the visible light transmission (VLT) levels for car windows. A driver must be able to see other road users clearly. If you tint a vehicle under those VLT levels then you can be fined and will have to remove the tint. A professional will be able to tell straight away if you already have factory tint on the windows and what VLT levels can be applied for it to stay within legal limits. Best to stay legal as you don’t want to see those red and blue lights flashing at you in the rearview mirror . . . not that you would be able to see them with an illegal tint!

4. Guaranteed:

The tinting professionals offer warranties. They are accountable for the job they do on your car and if you're not happy with the tint then you can take it back. If the product doesn’t perform as it should, or doesn’t last as long as it should, then you have the product warranty to fall back on. Some tinting professionals are so sure of their work and film quality they offer a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime tint warranty.

5. High quality work:

Proper installation techniques are key and the tools and skills required to get the best finish can’t be disputed. Perfectly aligned tint with minimal faults is only available through skilled professionals. High-quality work comes from experience and knowledge of which tools work the best to get the job done right. The pros will know what is required when it comes to tinting over heater bars and getting into those hard to reach places.

To be completely frank, spend the money on a professional. Window tinting doesn’t cost that much, especially when you consider it could last the life of your vehicle. The biggest decision might be picking a tint that you're happy to live with for that long.

Stop pondering and book an AutoGuru expert window tinter to apply that tint right, the first time, hassle-free!

Want to know the laws around car window tinting? A quick read will provide all you need to know.

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