Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Wiper blades not cleaning repair

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Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Wiper blades not cleaning repair

Why your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore wiper blades don't clean properly?

A wiper blade is a long thin frame containing a rubber or synthetic blade edge. This edge acts as a squeegee in contact with the windscreen or rear window of a Daihatsu Domino/Cuore. Typically, vehicles will have two wiper blades for the windscreen and one for the rear window (if it’s a hatch), but there are variants to the norm.

Some older model vehicles have a separate detachable rubber refill that slides onto and clips into the wiper assembly. Newer models however have an all-in-one unit that has the rubber edge incorporated within the wiper assembly.

Your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore's wiper function is to remove debris and rain/water away from the driver's field of view by moving in a sweeping motion across the windscreen or rear window, this provides clear visibility for safer driving. The wipers are controlled via a driver-assisted lever or through an automated windscreen sensor system.

Wiper blades aren't made to last forever, their pliable composition means they're affected by normal use and the elements over time and will need to be replaced numerous times in a Daihatsu Domino/Cuore's lifetime.

When a wiper blade deteriorates and needs replacing you will notice some or all of the following signs:

  • Smeared windscreen
  • Scratches on the glass
  • Noisy wiper operation
  • Uneven contact or streaking
  • Physical deterioration of the blade

It's important to have your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore wiper blades inspected and replaced when they start to fail, for your own safety. If you can’t see where you are driving, you can’t react to any impending danger.

We depend on windscreen wipers to provide the visibility required to get to our destination safely.

Whether it’s clearing dust off your window, or keeping the road visible when you’re driving through a storm, the windscreen wiper blade is a crucial component and one you want working well when you need it most.

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