Haval H2 Wheel hub replacement

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Haval H2 Wheel hub replacement

What are the signs that my Haval H2 wheel hubs need replacing?

Have you ever wondered how the wheels on your Haval H2 spin so freely?

The energy from the engine needs to transfer to the wheels in a way that enables them to roll smoothly. So how is this done?

The driveshaft/axle works in association with the wheel bearings and wheel hubs to provide that easy rotation.

When we say wheel hub, there are variants to this. There are disc brake hubs, wheel hubs, and a wheel bearing and hub assembly. In all cases, the wheels are attached to the hubs.

To save any confusion, we will focus on the wheel bearing and hub assembly as this is the more common component and most modern vehicles are fitted with them.

This assembly is popular due to its convenience - it is easy to install and works well with the ABS sensors. Previously, bearings would be pressed or bolted into the wheel hub.

If you have ever changed a tyre on your Haval H2, you would have seen the wheel hub. It is the part to which the wheel is bolted and is a round, metal component that usually has 4 to 5 protruding wheel studs.

When all is running well, the wheel hub assembly will provide friction-free motion to the wheels. But it can fail with wear and tear if it’s put under extreme conditions or if it has hit a curb or been struck in an accident.

Symptoms that the wheel hub is failing:

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Movement in the wheel and bearing when weight is off the car
  • ABS warning light may come on
  • Steering may not feel as firm and could vibrate as you drive
  • Unusual grinding or ticking noise coming from a corner of the vehicle that is only there when driving and gets louder the faster you go

When you notice the signs get your wheel hub assembly checked as soon as possible. It could save you from having to buy a new set of tyres.

It’s also a good idea to replace same parts in pairs. If one wheel hub assembly has gone, the other could be close to failing as well. A qualified AutoGuru mechanic can check both wheel hub assemblies to see if they both need replacing.

Generally, issues with Haval H2 wheel hubs are due to the bearings becoming worn. Other than wearing your tyres prematurely and making noises, it can become an unsafe situation if left too long.

Eventually, the bearing can collapse and your wheel could end up wobbling as you drive. It is recommended to replace a faulty or failing wheel hub as soon as possible and AutoGuru will steer you to the best mechanics for a Haval H2 wheel bearing replacement.

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