Wheel bearing replacement

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Chrysler PT Cruiser Wheel bearing replacement

Why do Chrysler PT Cruiser wheel bearings need to be replacement?

The wheel bearings on your Chrysler PT Cruiser allow your wheels to spin freely as you are driving.

They are located behind your wheels, usually pressed or bolted into the steering hub.

These bearings need to be replaced if any issues arise to keep your Chrysler PT Cruiser in safe working condition and to avoid your wheel falling off when you’re driving down the highway! 

A wheel bearing replacement can cost $150 to $600+ depending on the location of the bearing and whether it requires pressing in and out of the hub assembly. 

Most modern vehicles will have either ball bearings or taper roller bearings as the wheel bearing type. Bearings require a lubricant to move smoothly, once water, dirt and other contaminants work their way into a wheel bearing the lubricant will degrade and eventually the wheel bearing will start to deteriorate and fail.

The life expectancy of a Chrysler wheel bearing can't be determined, they could deteriorate at any time. Vehicles driven off-road tend to go through wheel bearings more frequently due to the rough terrain, dirt and debris encountered. Mechanics are able to check if there is any movement in the Chrysler PT Cruiser's wheels as part of a service and listen for noise while driving if a failing wheel bearing is suspected.

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