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Lotus Elan Check and repack wheel bearings

Do Lotus Elan wheel bearings need repacking?

The wheel bearings fitted to your Lotus Elan allow the wheels to spin freely on the suspension spindle.

While most modern vehicles have sealed wheel bearing assemblies, some high performance 4 wheel drive off-road vehicles are fitted with bearings that require periodic maintenance to continue operating properly.

A wheel bearing is made up of a hardened steel inner and outer bearing located inside the wheel hub. These bearings are usually tapered roller bearings covered in a special high-temperature wheel bearing grease to keep them lubricated and reduce wear on the bearing races.

A dust seal located behind the bearings prevents moisture and dust from building up inside the bearings and grease. 

Benefits of repacking wheel bearings:

  • Increased fuel economy due to reduced friction
  • Prevents bearing failure due to overheating
  • Prevents moisture and debris damaging bearings and hubs

Symptoms of failing wheel bearings:

  • Grease leaking from behind bearing caps onto wheel surface.
  • Rumbling noise when driving that increases with speed
  • Excessive play in the steering wheel

Most manufacturers recommend inspection and repacking of wheel bearings every 30,000 – 45,000km, more frequently if your vehicle is used off-road, especially if used for river crossings or travelling through the mud.

The wheel bearings on your Lotus Elan may require cleaning and repacking at certain intervals to ensure correct operation and vehicle safety.

Failure to do so could lead to premature bearing failure, increased fuel consumption and vague steering feel. If your Lotus Elan is suffering failing wheel bearing symptoms, call on AutoGuru to come to the rescue!

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