Mercedes-Benz SLC Wastegate hose replacement

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Mercedes-Benz SLC Wastegate hose replacement

Do I need to replace my Mercedes-Benz SLC wastegate hose?

If your car is fitted with one, the turbocharger on your Mercedes-Benz SLC is designed to aid in engine efficiency and power and relies on the wastegate to keep the boost pressure under control. The wastegate hose on your Mercedes-Benz SLC keeps the wastegate operating as it should, and if it fails, your Mercedes-Benz SLC will be left underpowered and with increased fuel consumption.

The wastegate hose is usually made of silicone or rubber and connects with small hose clamps at either end. Although flexible when new, the high temperatures in the engine bay, as well as contamination from oil and other fluids, can cause hardening and it can split over time.

When this happens to your Mercedes-Benz SLC wastegate hose, replacement is the only option to rectify any issues caused by a split or broken hose.

The technicians on AutoGuru can replace the failed wastegate on your Mercedes-Benz SLC in a timely fashion, getting you back on the road safely.

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