Mazda Premacy Vehicle respray

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Mazda Premacy Vehicle respray

What's involved in Mazda Premacy paint resprays?

If your Mazda Premacy has a peeling clear coat, faded paintwork or you are looking to change the colour of your Mazda Premacy, a partial or full respray will be the best option to bring your Mazda Premacy back to life, or personalise it to your taste.

A vehicle respray is usually undertaken when certain panels are to be painted the same colour as the rest of the car, or the entire Mazda Premacy is changing colour, although changing colour can be a very in-depth process depending on the level of colour change and the style of paint to be used.

The way a vehicle respray is carried out is determined by the panels requiring a respray, or if your Mazda Premacy is being resprayed completely. If only certain panels are being resprayed, these will either be removed from your Mazda Premacy or masked off to prevent any overspray on non-damaged panels. The panels will then be sanded down before a fresh coat of primer, colour and clear coat are applied, making your Mazda Premacy just like new.

If your Mazda Premacy requires a full respray, it will need to be disassembled before any work is carried out. This includes removing the engine if you are having the engine bay of your Mazda Premacy resprayed in the new colour. Every panel will be sanded down and any dents repaired before a new layer of primer is added to your Mazda Premacy.

Depending on if you are keeping your Mazda Premacy’s original colour, or changing it for something completely different, the new colour will be applied before being covered in a fresh covering of clear coat to keep your Mazda Premacy's new paintwork protected from the elements, as well as looking glossy.

Most specialist body repair shops offer respray services, whether it be for panels or a full vehicle respray on your Mazda Premacy. If you have an older Mazda Premacy or are looking for a certain finish, a restoration centre will be your best option to have a respray carried out. They will be able to guide you on every step of the process ensuring your Mazda Premacy comes out looking better than new!

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