Turbocharger boost control solenoid replacement save 20% to 60%

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Turbocharger boost control solenoid replacement

Isuzu N Series turbocharger boost control solenoid replacement

There are generally 3 ways your Isuzu N Series boost control solenoid can fail, it can be an electrical fault (fuse,connector etc) a vacuum fault (leaking hose etc)  or an internal fault.

A boost control solenoid controls the amount of boost pressure by “bleeding off”  a measured amount of air to reduce the pressure in the hose that feeds the wastegate to allow for better boost control.

Generally the boost control solenoid will need to be replaced if the issue is internal however if it is an electrical or hose issue then they can usually be repaired fairly easily and inexpensively.

Some tips to help if you think there might be an issue

  • Always get it checked out as soon as you think you might have an issue
  • A faulty boost control solenoid can cause bigger issues
  • A faulty boost solenoid could cause an engine light to come on


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