Haval H2 Turbocharger boost control solenoid replacement

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Haval H2 Turbocharger boost control solenoid replacement

Does my Haval H2 need a turbocharger boost control solenoid replacement?

If your Haval H2 has a turbo then it will also have a turbocharger boost control solenoid. A part which is important in keeping the turbo and engine running smoothly.

There are generally 3 ways your Haval H2 boost control solenoid can fail, it can be an electrical fault (fuse, connector etc.) a vacuum fault (leaking hose etc.) or an internal fault.

A boost control solenoid controls the amount of boost pressure by “bleeding off” a measured amount of air to reduce the pressure in the hose that feeds the wastegate to allow for better boost control.

Generally, the boost control solenoid will need to be replaced if the issue is internal however if it is an electrical or hose issue then they can usually be repaired fairly easily and inexpensively.

However, when the turbocharger boost control solenoid is faulty the check engine light will come on under sustained acceleration and if it's not replaced it will cause added pressure on the turbo and engine which can result in much higher repair costs, it's a good thing AutoGuru is there to help.

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