Mercedes-Benz SLC Transmission wont go into reverse

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Mercedes-Benz SLC Transmission wont go into reverse

Why won't my Mercedes-Benz SLC transmission go into reverse?

There are a few reasons why your Mercedes-Benz SLC transmission won't go into reverse the most common reasons are:

  • Shift lock solenoid - the shift lock mechanism stops the driver from being able to take the vehicle out of park when the engine is off. It also stops the driver from being able to select a gear without depressing the brake pedal and the ignition on.
  •  Ignition barrel - If the ignition barrel is faulty it can cause the transmission to get stuck in park.
  • Faulty shifter mechanism - If the shifter or the shift bushes are worn it can make the transmission hard to shift into gear
  • Faulty shifter cable - If your shifter cable is damaged or worn it can cause issues trying to get into gear
  • Failing transmission - Internal failures inside the transmission such as valves or torque convertor issues could also stop the transmission from shifting properly

A few ways to tell if your Mercedes-Benz SLC transmission is starting to develop an issue:

  • You have trouble shifting into any gear
  • You select the gear and the vehicle doesn't go anywhere
  • There is excessive movement in the shifter

You could be causing more damage the more you drive, also with the transmission not going into reverse, there is a chance you might get stuck and be up for a costly tow to your local workshop.

A workshop will diagnose the transmission and the cost involved will depend on the size of the repair. It could be as simple as replacing shifter bushes or it could be a complete overhaul/replacement.

Here at AutoGuru, we have the best customer rated transmission experts. We make it hassle-free and easy to get your Mercedes-Benz SLC reversing again.

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