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Chrysler PT Cruiser Transmission speed sensor replacement

When do Chrysler PT Cruiser transmission speed sensors need to be replaced?

The transmission speed sensor, sometimes called a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is responsible for working out what speed your Chrysler PT Cruiser is doing. It then sends the speed information to the engine control unit (your car's brain) and from there, depending on if your Chrysler PT Cruiser is manual or automatic, it can determine which gear you should be in, your ignition timing and fuel injection settings. All of which help with the vehicle's efficiency, emissions and drivability. 

It also relays that information to the display on the speedometer to let you know what speed your Chrysler PT Cruiser is doing and the kilometres travelled.

A faulty transmission speed sensor can cause a multitude of problems 

  • Faulty cruise control
  • Sluggish shifting
  • Difficult shifting
  • Malfunctioning speedometer
  • Check engine light

Delaying the repair of a faulty speed sensor could cost you more money, obviously without an accurate speedometer your chance of receiving a speeding fine will be higher and it could also cost you money in excess fuel consumption.

It is recommended you get it repaired as soon as you notice an issue. AutoGuru has the best customer rated workshops that can help you replace your Chrysler PT Cruiser transmission speed sensor. It's hassle-free and easy!

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