MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio Transmission mount replacement

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MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio Transmission mount replacement

Do I need to replace my MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio transmission mounts?

The transmission in your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio is the component that harnesses the engine’s power and turns it into usable and controllable energy.

For it to do so, the transmission must be securely fastened in place. One or more transmission mounts keep the transmission firmly in place. The purpose of a transmission mount is to keep your transmission secured in your car and well-supported while allowing for slight motion.

The transmission mounts experience a lot of stress, especially under hard acceleration. Many transmission mounts will last your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio’s lifetime, although they can deteriorate with time and under harsh operating conditions.

On rear-wheel-drive models, the transmission mount is typically a cradle underneath the extension housing. While on front-wheel-drive and AWD cars, the transmission mount commonly secures the transmission with an arm on top-mounted to the vehicle frame. The ends are bolted so there’s no chance of excessive motion that could cause problems.

Transmission mounts are usually cast from either aluminium or pressed from steel and reinforced for strength. A rubber or polyethene bushing is used at the mounting point, and often where the mount attaches to the car’s body or frame, to allow for slight movement and isolate vibration and noise.

MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio's operated in stop-and-go conditions more frequently will require transmission mount replacement more often. When the transmission mount has cracked or bent, or if the mount’s bushing has deteriorated, the transmission mount will need to be replaced.

Symptoms of a failing transmission mount:

  • Knocking noise under your car on acceleration
  • Increased cabin noise while the engine is running
  • Vibration through the steering wheel or felt in the cabin while driving

Having your transmission mount replaced at the first signs of failure gives you confidence that your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio will work properly in any driving conditions.

Driving your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio with a broken or worn transmission mount can cause drivability issues as well as possibly damage the transmission or engine case due to excessive torque and movement. This can be aggravating and exponentially increase repair costs.

It’s possible for the transmission mount on your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio to wear out over time and require replacement at some point in your car’s life – that’s when AutoGuru comes in handy!

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