Land Rover Discovery Sport Transmission fluid replacement

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Transmission fluid replacement

How is Land Rover Discovery Sport transmission fluid replaced?

Most transmission oils get replaced at specified service intervals. If you're unsure if it has been replaced, most automatic transmissions have dipsticks where you can check the level and condition of the oil. 

The oil should be reddish in colour and the darker the colour of the oil the more likely your Land Rover Discovery Sport's transmission oil needs replacing. 

Some manufactures don’t have dipsticks to limit customers from checking/replacing their own oil. In this case, it's better to let someone qualified check it out as it could involve a lengthier process. 

There are also some manufactures that require little to no servicing of the transmission throughout the life of the vehicle.

With manual transmissions, the oil is a gold colour but the same principle applies in that the darker the oil the more likely it needs replacing.

Automatic transmission fluid replacements generally involve draining the oil, removing the transmission pan, replacing the filter (if required) and pan gasket, refilling the transmission initially and then running the transmission through the gears and then rechecking the levels, some manufacturers differ from this process so its best to check with your local workshop.

Manual transmissions usually have a drain plug and a filler plug. The drain plug is removed and the oil is drained and the plug is put back in, the filler plug is then removed and new oil is added until oil starts to overflow from the filler hole when that happens it's full and the filler hole is plugged back up.

The easiest way to get your Land Rover Discovery Sport's transmission fluid replaced is to book it in with a qualified mechanic on AutoGuru, take the hard work out of it and make the process as easy as possible.

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