MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio Transfer case fluid replacement

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MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio Transfer case fluid replacement

How often does MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio transfer case fluid need to be replaced?

If your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio is a 4WD or AWD it has a transfer case that enables power to transfer between the front and rear wheels.

The transfer case is fluid-filled to keep internal transfer case components cool, well-lubricated, corrosion-free and prevent wear and tear.

If your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio has a transfer case when it's in motion, the chain and gears inside the transfer case splash fluid all around, keeping the inside of the entire transfer case covered in transfer case fluid. Transfer case fluid can be either synthetic or mineral-based gear oil, weighted heavier than engine oil.

While your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio is driving, the fluid is exposed to heat and friction, which begin to break down the fluid and it loses its lubricating properties. When the fluid has become dark or gritty, around the time of its service interval, it will need to be changed.

Transfer case fluid replacement is part of routine maintenance and should be performed according to your manufacturer’s service schedule, and the interval varies wildly from 40,000km to 100,000km and beyond.

Heavy off-road use or towing can break down your transfer case fluid faster, meaning shorter service intervals. Here are some signs to look out for when your transfer case oil is in need of replacing:

  • The transfer case fluid is dark and discoloured
  • The transfer case fluid level is low
  • Repairs have been completed on the transfer case
  • There’s a rattle or grinding noise from underneath your car

When the transfer case fluid is replaced only the exact manufacturer-specified fluid should be used – using the incorrect fluid will cause premature failure. Like poor engine oil maintenance, transfer case problems will eventually occur if transfer case fluid replacement is neglected.

Driving your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio with neglected transfer case maintenance can lead to a breakdown and possible loss of control. Have your transfer case fluid replacement performed in a timely manner.

The fluid inside your transfer case breaks down over time and mileage and will need to be changed at some point, when it’s due, let AutoGuru help you!

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