Jaguar F-Pace Timing chain replacement

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Jaguar F-Pace Timing chain replacement

Why would my Jaguar F-Pace need a timing chain replacement?

A timing chain or belt on a Jaguar F-Pace makes sure the crankshaft and camshaft are in time and the valves are opening and closing at the precise moment to coincide with the cylinder combustion. 

A timing chain provides the same function as a timing belt but the chain is made out of metal and looks similar to a bicycle chain. Due to the composition, the chain needs to be lubricated and is encased inside the engine. A timing belt is typically of rubber and fibre composition and remains dry and is located externally under a timing belt cover.

Timing chains will typically outlast timing belts. Belts eventually wear out, crack and disintegrate, while a timing chain can stretch and on rare occasions break however that usually happens long after a timing belt would have failed.  

Vehicle manufacturers did start replacing timing chains with timing belts to reduce engine noise and reduce costs as belts were a cheaper alternative however, timing chains have proven to outlast the belt and could be a more cost-effective option in the long run.

If your Jaguar F-Pace has a timing chain installed it can stretch or fail over time and would need to be replaced to keep your engine running.

If a timing chain were to stretch you could notice power loss, engine backfires, rattle in the engine, rough idle and driving. The vehicle will run roughly as the timing becomes out of sync. It's rare for a timing chain to break completely but if it did the engine would stop.

It's really important to have the correct timing in an engine, it's the only way they can run so when it's the scheduled time to replace a timing chain, make sure to get it done as it ensures the engine keeps ticking along nicely.

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