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Throttle body clean

Austin Healey Sprite Throttle body clean

The throttle body can be found in the Austin Healey Sprite’s engine bay, it’s part of the air intake system on fuel-injected models. Air from the outside of the Austin Healey Sprite is directed via tubes and flows through the air filter, into the throttle body, where it is then drawn into the intake manifold.

The air is then mixed with fuel and ignited, creating the combustion required to power a Austin Healey Sprite.

If a Austin Healey Sprite’s throttle body is dirty you may notice these signs that it’s time to have it cleaned:

  • Engine stall
  • Rough idle
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Overall poor performance

To clean a Austin Healey Sprite’s throttle body involves spraying a designated throttle body cleaner into the throttle body and brush it clean. Ideally you want a professional mechanic to carry out a throttle body clean.

An automotive service centre or mobile mechanic will be able to do a Austin Healey Sprite throttle body clean.

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