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Throttle body clean

Alfa Romeo Throttle Body Clean

A Alfa Romeo’s throttle body controls how much air is drawn into the engine, working in tandem with the driver's accelerator demands. Inside the throttle body is a plate and valve system that opens and closes in response to acceleration and deceleration. This operation works manually or by sensors. A Alfa Romeo’s ECU determines how much air enters the engine and in turn how much fuel is required to create optimal air fuel mixture for best combustion.

A Alfa Romeo’s drivability is important and getting the right air flow is of vital importance for the engine. A throttle body clean should be considered a regular preventative maintenance task and carried out at regular intervals, before buildup becomes an issue.

To clean the throttle body on a Alfa Romeo might appear a simple task which involves spraying a designated throttle body cleaner into the throttle body, however it is always recommended that a professional carry out car maintenance to ensure it is done right without causing any damage to your Alfa Romeo.