Sway bar replacement

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Chrysler 300C Sway bar replacement

Why would my Chrysler 300C sway bar need to be replaced?

Your Chrysler 300C's suspension system is comprised of many components, one of which is the sway bar.

Also known as an anti-roll bar, the sway bar connects both sides of your Chrysler 300C’s suspension together to control the amount of body roll present when cornering.

Sway bars may be fitted to the front and rear of your Chrysler 300C, although some smaller Chrysler 300C’s only had a front sway bar fitted.

Working in conjunction with your Chrysler 300C’s springs and shock absorbers, the sway bar provides stable and predictable handling through both low and high-speed corners.

The sway bar is connected to the body of your Chrysler 300C with rubber bushes, and joins either directly to the shock absorber or to the control arms via sway bar end links, which are fitted with ball joints at both ends to allow for movement - these components are more common to wear out over time, but in rare cases, the sway bar itself will need to be replaced to return your Chrysler 300C’s handling back to factory specification.

So if you feel your Chrysler 300C’s handling has degraded or you can feel excess body roll when cornering, book an inspection or replacement through AutoGuru, and get your Chrysler 300C feeling good as new in no time!


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