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Sunroof repair

Jeep Commander sunroof repair

Roofs on vehicles have changed over the years. With new safety designs in glass panels, we have gone from a small peek into the sky to large tinted moonroofs that can almost take over the entire ceiling of a car. 

There are some nice benefits of having a sunroof in a Jeep Commander, like enjoying the sunlight, fresh air and seeing what’s going on above. However, there are problems that can arise whenever you have mechanics at play. Here are some signs to consider sunroof repairs:

  • Water leakage
  • Can’t open or close the sunroof
  • Shattered or broken glass
  • Wind noise
  • Condensation build-up on the inside of the glass
  • Intermittent operation

When there are problems the Jeep Commander sunroof will be inspected to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. 

If the sunroof glass is cracked or damaged then a Jeep Commander auto glass expert will source and fit new glass. 

When the Jeep Commander sunroof motor needs replacing then a repairer will need to access the motor. This is typically located inside the compartment between the windscreen and sunroof in the centre console on the roof interior. The motor will be removed and replaced.

If the Jeep Commander drainage tubes are blocked then a repairer will locate the clogged drain/s and unclog it.

If the Jeep Commander sunroof seal needs to be replaced then the sunroof will need to be removed from the vehicle, the seal will be removed and replaced and the sunroof will be refitted.

Jeep Commander sunroof glass can be replaced by an auto glass expert. They know the correct fitment and safety glass required to do the job right. All other sunroof repairs require locating professional mechanics, auto electricians or motor trimmers that have experience repairing sunroofs. An easy way to compare and book Jeep Commander sunroof repairs and auto glass replacement is through AutoGuru, they make it easy to find the right expert for the job required.

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