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Strut Top Mount Replacement

Tata Telcoline strut top mount replacement

You’re a weekend adventurer, and love getting out of the rat race and taking off to unexplored territory.

Sure, that includes navigating a few rough toads. All good, you’re Tata Telcoline's a non-stop warrior machine, a few potholes won’t bother it.

Anyway, what’s the point of suspension if you're not going to use it.

You might reconsider when you have to start paying for the repairs.

Some vehicles are designed for offroad and other’s aren’t.

Rough roads, potholes and ordinary wear and tear will take a toll on your Tata Telcoline's suspension parts.

As the name suggests the top strut mount sits on top of the strut and mounts to the frame of the vehicle.

The top strut mount is made of metal and rubber and its purpose is to reduce noise and vibration which comes from your Tata suspension.

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