Haval H2 Spark plug cable replacement

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Haval H2 Spark plug cable replacement

When do Haval H2 spark plug cables need to be replaced?

Spark plug cables or ignition leads are superconductors that transfer the power from the ignition coil or distributor to the spark plugs. They are fitted to petrol engines where a spark is required to create engine combustion.

Many modern petrol engines are now fitted with coil on plug ignition systems, which eliminates the need for an ignition lead or cable to carry the spark to the plug so your vehicle may or may not have spark plug cables.

If your Haval H2 is fitted with ignition leads, they'll need to be checked periodically to ensure they are continuing to transfer power efficiently. 

Spark plug leads are under a lot of stress to perform, the rubber boots on each end of the lead can get damaged from being pulled on and off when spark plugs are changed and overheating can create a lot of issues. Also, the lead itself can deteriorate over time with normal wear and tear.

When spark plug leads fail the power running through them will escape via weak points or the power could be impeded and you won't get the full current running to the spark plug.

When ignition leads fail this will affect the engine combustion cycle. You may experience engine misfire, rough driving or loss of power. The ignition system of a Haval H2 is a necessary part of keeping the engine running and when there is a problem it can cause permanent engine damage if a problem isn't fixed.

It is recommended to replace ignition leads around every 100,000 km to ensure they are working efficiently.

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