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Chrysler Sebring Scratch repair

Should I get the scratches repaired on my Chrysler Sebring?

The paintwork on your Chrysler Sebring isn’t just there to make it look good, it also provides protection to the metal underneath it. Chrysler Sebring paintwork is usually three separate layers: The primer, the colour base coat and clear coat, which is the main protective layer. The paintwork is designed to stop rust and other environmental contaminants from penetrating and damaging the panels, and these outside elements can often scratch the paintwork when they come into contact with your Chrysler Sebring.

Scratches can vary in depth, from a light scratch in the clear coat to deep scratches that penetrate to the primer or bare metal underneath. Scratch repair removes or lessens the look of these scratches, depending on the severity of the scratch and the location on your Chrysler Sebring.

Clear coat scratches are the easiest to repair, often only requiring the clear coat on your Chrysler Sebring to be polished to level out the scratch, rendering it invisible. Deeper scratches that strike through the clear coat down to the base layer or primer are more difficult to repair, often requiring paint to be built up into the scratch, before being flattened down with sandpaper and then polished to bring back the shine. If the scratch is severe, repainting the panel may be the only option to completely remove the scratch, returning the paintwork on your Chrysler Sebring back to factory condition

Depending on the severity of the scratch and the location on your Chrysler Sebring, a simple polish to remove small scratches can start around $150 and full repairs of a panel including repainting in your Chrysler Sebring’s factory colour can add up into the thousands.

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